Wednesday, June 15, 2011

First Blood! The last time I had layed with her; She was seventeen.

The text messages kept coming through, and I just kept letting them progress.

"Good thing you are not here. I am not sure what I might do?" A simple message from Contact "T"

The last text message that came was a dare; Maybe just a challenge; but either way it seemed like an invite to me. As I pulled into a spot marked for visitors, I started powering up the windows, tucking away the visible valuables, and texting back to her. As my thumb worked its way through the menus; Create message; Okay; Recipient's name; T. The T9 texting hit on all of the words as I pressed in the corresponding numbers. It always seemed to amaze me; the way the predictive text almost always knew what I wanted to say. I started feeling the tightening in my pants as I pressed in my simple little taunt. I was not completely sure what was going to happen. For that matter, I might have even thought it was a trap. All of those thoughts subsided as I began my next, carefully thought out phrase.

"I bet you would just hide. You are not woman enough to bring it on. "After thumbing in the last of the text, I hovered my thumb over the send key, wondering for just a moment if I was ready to know what may come. The engine of the mud covered Jeep Cherokee idled steadily, as the stereo played to my favorite rock station.  I sat there contemplating the possible outcomes of this rendezvous. The good; the bad, and the ugly. Nothing seemed to phase me. I was willing to take the ride; I heard myself say as I lowered my thumb on the send key.

The piercing beeping of the message alert combined with the vibrations I felt from the phone brought an immediate anticipation to my mind. I did not hesitate a tiny bit before I opened the message to see what had come. I flipped open the phone and pressed in for "open message."

" I am not about to put this in text. For all I know you would start some shit with it." I had read the message and thought instantly about how my just talking to her had been questionable enough.

Then thinking that I too should maybe caution what was being said. I began to reply to her with another simple text, as I felt my pants grow tighter yet; a small amount of fluid began to wet the front of my now restricting underpants.

"Why don't you come out to the parking lot and say that to my face. You act as if you have a plan; Lets see you act one out." Minutes after pressing send; I received no reply. I sat there, in her parking lot, slowly rubbing my manhood through my jeans. Maybe I had pushed to far. Maybe she had begun to think twice.

I received another text " You are joking right. Get in here!"

A very simple "OK" was all I could respond with.

a lonely "E120" was what I got in return.

The Cherokee engine sputtered to a stand still as I twisted the key to its locked position, and pulled them from the ignition. The radio stopped mid word and I grabbed the shirt off the passengers seat to cover my nicely tanned body. I climbed from the seat to head across the parking lot to the unknown.

The woman was not exactly a stranger. I held some serious anger from the years before; When we had split up. She had drove a stake through my heart and twisted it deep. Although we had spoken over the years; It was common that; Neither of us had any reason to believe either of us had good intentions towards the other. If I had any brains I would have hated this bitch, and for me; She would have felt the same.  Still, the contemplation of what might come was too much. I am just a little whore at heart; Isn't everyone?

I round the corner of the first building and I can see the E building ahead. In my peripheral vision; I can see the lights of the Jeep shut off as I continue to head in the direction of the unknown. I turn left through the parking lot to the basket ball court and then turn an immediate right down the trail to the apartments entry side. I pass one apartment and come to the entryway of the next where I see an all made up version of the woman I had thought had hatred for me, and the woman I believed I was to hate.

She approached me like a sailor returning from six months at sea; throwing her arms around me  in an extended lip locked embrace. It was playing out like we had been long lost lovers reunited at last.  I too joined in, as if to set the belief in stone.  She had a wonderfully large pair of breast that were pressed nicely against my firm pecks . As I slowly ran my hand down the curvature of her back I began to focus on the way her ass seemed to bubble off her lower back. Her gifted ass had been a focus of my attention since she was just seventeen. Nicely set in the pair of jeans she had chosen to wear; I worked my open hand over her left cheek and firmly grasped a handful. I gave her a firm reassuring hold; This was going somewhere for sure.

Her lips were full, and firm, her tongue worked circles around mine. Her auburn hair flowed ; As what seemed like endlessly to the middle of her ass. As I enjoyed reaching around her neck ; pulling the entire head of hair to one side; the soft vulnerable skin of her neck, beneath was exposed to my view.  I lowered my lips to the side of her neck and began to gently suck and massage into her muscles with my covered teeth. In a bit of shock; I jumped as she brought her face down to do the same. When she sunk her teeth in I felt the hot breath of her lungs followed by a sharp distraction of pain.  She failed to cover her teeth, and absolutely forgot to be gentle, when she dove into my erogenous zone, she not only got me hot; She showed me the meaning of bothered.

I squirmed a little, and relaxed again as she let off the bite for a second. The pleasurable feeling she had placed on me was ravaging my brain; In fact; both of my heads were spinning.  We never even broke apart as she led me in the door to her apartment. She drug me inside. The sound of familiar music was emanating from a desktop computer in the corner. The lights were dimmed to a near null and the flicker of a few candles, on the television stand; The warming glow was inviting my presence.  She worked me towards the sofa and pressed the back of my calves into the seat until I fell. I began laughing aloud as she stood there above me. She threw her hair over the other side of her neck, laid her hands around my neck and leaned as if to kiss me again. I reached out and placed both of my hands right back in the swell of her back, where they seemed to be great for holding on for my life.

Drawing her face closer to mine, she changed directions in an instant pulling my face down just in time to plant it in her her enormous cleavage. I could feel the pressure building in my loins. This was a pressure I might have been building up since the text had started.  I located one of my legs between hers; where I could feel the burning heat of her pussy through both of our jeans; Her's and mine. She kept her crotch pressed tight against my thigh as I raised it gently into her heated loins. I moved it only enough to create sensation on her clothing covered clam. She too pressed firmly into my thigh, slid her left hand down to my belted pants and whipped open my belt like it was a mere velcro strap. She began to kiss her way down to my pulsating probe drawing both of my hands up her torso to the bursting beauties that were being contained by a very complimenting top. I drew my right hand around her back as my left began taking firm, caressing, cuppings, of the breast before it. With a pinch of my fingertips; I released the hooks of the bulging barrier and felt the weight of the firm breast gently drop on my abs. Tammi then took her hands, in a twist of confusing speed, up her shirt and out a sleeve came the boulder holder I had just disabled.

The heat of her throbbing pussy had worked its way down my leg to my knee; As she had slid off the end; Making sure I felt it, She drug her hands from my neck to my ass at my waist line. She pressed every muscle of my ripped torso on the way; forcefully and dramatically; It just grooved in a fluid motion. I raised my ass off the couch; found my pants at my ankles, and my harder than a rock penis slapped my abs in a bought of joy. Like a prison inmate on parole day my cock was ready for some attention. Tammi grabbed my fully extended cock; by the base and balls. She had brought her wrist to my belly button; Two fingers and a thumb nearly strangling the bulging boheamouth and two fingers dropping below; caressing my balls . Following her hands , was her bare breast, with hardened nipples sliding down my bared chest. Her little Wickan necklace of a pentagram fell into my mouth. I guided both of my hands along the sides of her hourglass as she drug it down my front face; allowing my open hands to catch the pair of twins she placed snugly around my erect cock. The slip and slide juice began to spread inside the cleavage of her breast as my hand kept them tightly pressed against my manhood. She rode my cock with her breast like that was the full intention of the game. Like maybe I was to blow it right there; a load in the chest.

I continued to squeeze her pert breast and suddenly she swatted my hands away, looked me in the eye, turned down, and plunged my throbbing cock into her throat. It was not there for but a second, but I felt the tonsils closing tightly around the head. She reflexes a touch, but made sure it was not obvious. The reflex was only comparable to her jerking me off in the depths of her stomach. She continued to hold down my root with her two finger grasp; while she sucked on the up stroke, and released on the in. Twisting her head with every motion; every few strokes lettin a little juice come out; letting go of the base with every down stroke and holding it with every up stroke. Her mouth and hands worked magically together. She would bring me to the point where I would tense up my thighs. The point where I am feeling it build, helping it build, and hoping for it to blow; Then; She would pause to blow open mouth breaths on the head while lightly licking around the edges. Glancing up at me , for approval? Denial? I was most likely of no help to her cause there.

I placed both of my hands on her shoulders and pushed her away, cock slapping my thigh as I lowered my face to her nipples. The breast lay there awaiting my attention and I intend to give them just that. There she lay at the edge of the couch, on the floor; never missing a beat, she continued to stroke my hard, dripping wet cock with her right hand and pulling my hair with the other. I reach towards her waistband with my free hand, and with the skill of Casanova himself I have the jeans undone and my hand slid beneath what feels like lace underpants. I think she had plans of them being seen at first; But the way things were playing out, it was not going to be the case.  I gently guided my hand over her throbbing hot pussy. The excitement was obvious as my hand was dripping in juices. She let go of her death grip on my hair and lowered her hand to her waistband as to say; The only thing more important to her; Than her breast being suckled would be her cunt being banged, and she began to pull her jeans over her ass.

With a slide of my hand through the glistening lips of her pussy, I gathered up a sample of her honey. In a smooth passionate gesture I brought my hand up her torso to her nearly ignored nipple; There I could be sure of her purity. I began kissing my way down her navel, stopping once on her love handle; To give a little "bite", Just before I adjusted my chest on her abs, an arm around each thigh, fingertips on each swollen lip, and the tip of my tongue to add pressure to her joy buzzer! The heat of her pussy was like standing in the sunshine. The pressing into her clitoris revealed a dodging body. She moved as to say no , but when I pulled back, she lowered herself right back against me once more. I slowly and rhythmically stroked her box with my tongue. From clit to hole I lapped up her juices in a pace of a steady jog, Then switched straight to the clit as if it were her nipple for a while until she locked her legs around my head as tight as she could; She forced me to stop. She reached below my waist and pulled my body up to the 69 position, with me on top.

She had no real intention of stopping me. She simply wanted me to get to climax as well. I let my hard cock slap her i the chin a few times as she swirled her open mouth around to catch it. She worked her tongue over the head of my cock several times as if she was trying to snap two fingers together. She would apply a nice solid pressure to the rim below the head and allow her hot wet tongue to slide or "snap" off the tip. It was actually quite pleasurable.  Maybe a few minutes went on and I noticed the tightening of her thighs, the pausing of her oral performance, the arching of her back, tightening of her arms, and sudden silence in her breathing. It was time to pause and switch things  up a bit.

I flipped around in a hurry; right after clamping my lips down on her very erect clit for a full three second count. I had taken a few percocet earlier that day, and although cumming was not gonna happen any time soon for me; I was not about to give up an opportunity to slam my manhood into that pussy. How was I to know if this taboo relationship was ever going to see another round. How was I to know that once she got hers she would not just call my wife and fill her in on the details. Women are evil ya know. So I tossed her on the floor in the same spot I had laid just moments before and threw an arm behind each knee. I slid my pulsating rod up the labia from hole to clit; let my cock beat the man in the boat like a tidal wave beats the shore. She seemed rather shocked that I didnt just slam my meat into her throbbing pussy; Yet at the same time she quickly seemed pleased with the idea of me thrusting at her clit.

 I then moved my cock down to her slightly prepared vagina and begun probing just the head in and out; Switching from clit clubbing to hole hounding over and over again. With each teasing thrust into her vaginal treasure trove I went a little deeper and provided a few more strokes of  depth finding treasure hunting. Then switching back to the clitoral pounding she nearly begged for with every twitching muscle that was screaming out "Thank You" and ever twist and turn that seemingly begged for more and more clitoral attention.

Eventually working my tool to the balls deep location I was bouncing off the spot inside..Tickling the head of my cock with every run in. She brought her thighs all the way up to her chest and I reached for a couch cushion to place under her ass; allowing every thrust to rock off that nice and sensitive spot she flinched in what looked like pain. I had to ask if that was hurting to which she replied

" God NO! Keep going. "

Percocet has an effect on the male body. In the right amount sex is impossible, nutting is impossible, or even getting hard can be impossible.The juices were flowing with absolutely no lack of natural lubrication. The air from the open sliding glass door allowed a cool July evening breeze to rush over our sweat covered bodies from time to time. I felt like she had my cock in an industrial vise. Like she was sucking it in with inviting muscles and pushing it out with bearing force. I thought she was going to make me cum over and over again; But every time I got close to cumming she dug her fucking nails into my back, nearly making me go limp only to get as hard a s a virgin boy at the local swimming hole as she let her nails out of my back.

In this case I did not know what to blame; Was it the shocking pain or the Percocet that allowed me to continue to bring the fuck on; Because this was headed into 45 minutes of hard sweaty fast paced ass pounding pleasure. This was not nearly a normal adventure for an everyday romp under such a kinky situation. Call me what you will, how you will, and when you will; But nothing pleases me more than knowing I have left an impression. I was pleased long before I busted a nut deep inside her.

As my abs started burning, I became distracted and had to start building my load pressure all over again. Every time I felt her pussy tighten up and heard her praying out load to GOD himself I felt like I would be getting closer to climax ; But I just was not ready. She started screaming out for GOD and curling her head up off the floor. Her hot wet pussy grasping in pulsating rhythms on my thrusting rod. She began to expell a small amount of hot liquid on my balls and the reality that she was cumming was no longer a question.

It came to the point where; I had no choice but to lower myself down onto Tammi's hard body below me. With her nicely gifted ass still supported by the cushion from the couch I lowered my sweat covered, nearly exhausted body;  Letting lose her thighs from the pinned above her head location they were into, and allowing her to hold them where she felt the need. I reached my arms under each of her respective shoulder blades and  grabbed onto her shoulders to use them for maximum thrusting power. My burning abs could use the helping hand.  She might of began to notice that I was petering out; But there was no way I was stopping this until I nut and she had left a puddle on her carpet.

I began pulling with my arms , curling my abs and slamming my pelvic bone against her soft cushioning ass and just as I had thought I was going to have to stop out of exhaustion she bit into my shoulder so hard I curled up into her and as she held it I had no choice but to freeze ; Right where I was I stilled myself as she had drawn first blood. Absolutely grabbed my attention, and yet as she released; my opiate effected hard on went to bulging and begging to rip through its own skin. Like the first time I beat the little bastard; He was a rock!

As I continued to slam harder she cried out for GOD , Bared down on my back and raked the skin off my back with her nails. Again ; first blood. I never ever had sex so fucking violent in my life and I was growing to like it in just one visit. I dont know how I didnt realize it before but she was punnishing me every time she was cumming on my balls. Over and over again she dug in. I had to get my body off hers if I wanted to save any flesh. She is still calling out  a mixture of my name and OH GOD loud enough for the entire building to hear.

I raise myself up and beg to hit her from behind. " Oh my fucking God you are a fucking Hot Ass Freak." I let her know how I felt and I continue. " Baby, I am a bout to cum myself . Do you want to try it from behind?"

I really did not expect such enthusiasm as she said." Yeah! That is my favorite! " Looking down her back to her red face; I slid my raging piece into her prepared , saturated pussy and watched her reach for a pillow to stuff in her face. Her hair sticking together in groups of strands was all covering her head and those amazingly huge tits were swaying to the beat. Her pussy was clenched against my cock. She slammed into me as I slammed into her. The intensity of the screaming to GOD was muffled by the pillow jammed into her face. With no distractions I built up and released a load from HELL deep into the witches den.

Intimidated by her beauty; I was left wondering where I might end up. Just knowing it was not meant to be easy; Intruiged me that much more. There was no rightous way. There was no acceptable way. A few text messages, an excuse, and just a moment alone was all I needed;  To me it was an adventure, and to her it was a conquest.